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For answers to questions not addressed in this FAQ,
please reach out to a sales representative.

Top Commonly Asked Questions

Where does DroneBase operate?

  • Our aerial service is available in every market in all 50 states. We also operate outside the US. For more details reach out to a sales rep by email at or by phone at 310-684-3076.

Who are DroneBase’s pilots?

  • We partner with local drone pilots across the country to conduct every flight. Every pilot is qualified and approved by DroneBase.

Exactly what kind of data does DroneBase capture on a flight?

  • We gather aerial data in the form of still pictures and video. We also provide processing services (ex. video editing) with our different aerial packages.
  • Still images are captured with a 12 mega-pixel RGB camera
  • Video is shot in 4k

What information does DroneBase need to gather aerial data for my project?

  • We need the address (or other indicator of location) of the project where you need aerial data and the aerial package you need.
  • We may ask for additional information, such as a site plan or on site contact, depending on the project. A sales rep will request more information as needed.

How fast can I get aerial data for my project?

  • Depending on the location and weather, it may take 2-3 days to get a pilot flying for your project. After that it can take 1-5 business days to process and deliver your outputs, depending on the level of processing that is required.

I don’t know if my project is in a no-fly-zone. How do I know if DroneBase can fly here?

  • We research every project location and check the surrounding airspace before flying, so we’ll let you know if we can fly for your project or not. If necessary, we’ll take care of any permission applications that might be required to fly for your project.

Does your pilot need to meet anybody on site to fly?

  • Most of the time our pilots do not need to meet anyone on site. If our pilot needs direct access to the property, or needs to check in with security, we may request additional contact info. A sales rep will request more information as needed.

Do I need to be on site with the pilot?

  • No, you do not need to be on site with our pilot. That said, we are happy to coordinate with you to meet our pilot on site if requested.

Can I give specific directions regarding what kind of data I want captured?

  • We use standard flight patterns to gather aerial data for different project types but can customize our flights depending on your specific needs.

How does DroneBase schedule drone flights?

  • We schedule drone flights based on weather and pilot availability. We will notify you of the scheduled flight date once our pilot is booked.

Can I request the drone flight be scheduled for a specific time/day?

  • Yes, let us know if you have a preferred time and/or day for us to conduct the drone flight and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
What if the weather is bad when you’re scheduled to fly?
  • If the weather becomes less than ideal for flight, we will postpone until the next best day of weather.

How will I receive the data for my project?

  • You will be given an online DroneBase account where all your outputs will be available to download
  • Images will be available in .jpg format.
  • Video can be downloaded in .mp4 format

What if I am not happy with the quality of my data?

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of your data, we will do our best to reprocess the data to improve the quality. If you’re still not satisfied, we will re-fly your project.

Does DroneBase have insurance?

  • Yes, we have a $7 million insurance policy.

Is DroneBase FAA compliant?

  • Yes, all DroneBase pilots within the US are FAA Section 333 exempt or have passed Part 107 and are qualified to fly drones for commercial purposes.

How does the customer referral program work?

  • Refer a colleague to DroneBase and you'll receive 10% off your next order (one standard aerial package). Your colleague will receive 10% off their first order (one standard aerial package).
  • Simply have your colleague mention your name when placing their first order and we'll apply the discount to the selected package.
  • Must be colleague's first order placed with DroneBase. Mission must be completed/paid before referral discount can be applied.
  • Offer cannot be combined with other discounts or volume pricing. Valid for one year from referral order.